Compassionate Commercial Skills

Choice and Competition – to deliver quality healthcare provided free at the point of need

The NHS and Social Care sector is in the midst of unprecedented change, culminating in a new way of working with effect from 1 April 2013 as a result of The Health and Social Care Act. This embraces and shapes a commercial discipline to underpin affordable high quality delivery. The Department of Health are using the term “Choice and Competition” to describe this drive to secure services that best meet population health and social care needs. Alongside there is an overall mandate to reduce costs, and make greater use of the available resources.

This project “Compassionate Commercial Skills” responds to this challenge. It looks at how developing a culture of compassionate care extends to the commercial realities of the commissioning process.

Underpinning all of the modules is the Institute of Healthcare Management’s Code of Conduct for Health and Social Care Managers

Compassionate Commercial Skills Project

At its heart is a set of excellent resources developed collaboratively by NHS organisations across Yorkshire and the Humber region. These resources were well tested prior to the recent changes. To support their ongoing implementation, an action learning approach is being developed to build sustainable knowledge and skills.

Individuals can access free e-learning modules or downloadable resources.

Downloadable Resources

The objective these resources is to enable individuals to improve commissioning practice: and meet the requirements of current agendas and policies.

The downloads provide:

Information on work based reflective learning. Action learning resources and support to ensure knowledge and acquired skills are translated into planned commissioning activities.

These are powerful resources for Commissioners both to develop their own staff and to help secure excellent and affordable commissioning support services.


Healthcare Market Analysis

Focuses on bringing a fresh way of looking at difficult healthcare service problems. It provides a process to understand any market within which your service operates and helps to identify innovative ways to manage a whole market.


Contract Levers and Incentives

how to best develop robust contracts in partnership with providers and apply appropriate incentives and levers to achieve shared objectives between commissioners and providers.


Planning and Resourcing Healthcare Procurements

how and why to plan the time and people needed for healthcare procurements – maximise efficiency  and eliminate waste.


Provider Economics

conducting a practical analysis of provider economics within the context of a particular health service improvement project. Understand the impact of commissioning, changes in commissioning and decommissioning.


Performance Metrics for Commissioners

maximising the use of performance metrics in the commissioning cycle to achieve contractual and policy objectives and shape provider behaviours.


PLUS: E-learning Resource

Free access to the e-learning resource  available until 31st August 2013.

There are two e-learning packages, both with the objective of enabling individuals to improve commissioning practice.


How to access and use the e-learning resources

Each e-learning package should take just over an hour to complete. These are not full modules, they have been designed to develop awareness and understanding of the topics covered, as well as introduce key processes. They are relevant for those with no previous experience of the topic and can act as a refresher for those who have studied the topic previously.

To access an e-learning package, please contact Lois Bentley by email or by telephone on 07973 837828

These resources support the following policy, papers and agendas:

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